Kicking off its European Parliamentary elections campaign, Nigel Farage will launch his new ‘Brexit Party’ in Coventry today as it gears up towards what he has described as an “enforced ballot”. Despite where you might stand politically, the staunchly Eurosceptic Farage does have a point. The UK’s initial Brexit deadline extension was due to come to an end today, as the final point at which the country could leave the EU without having to take part in the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. Assuming the country does finally find a way to implement Brexit, this is an overtly futile undertaking.
Infographic: European Parliamentary elections: UK voting intention | Statista
Assuming the vote does indeed go ahead with the UK’s participation, how would the country vote? A new survey by Open Europe predicts the Brexit Party picking up a decent chunk of the ballot papers, with most of these votes presumably migrating from the Conservatives, leaving Labour with a healthy 15 point lead at the top.