In the 773 days to yesterday, Trump has made 9,014 partly or wholly made-up statements

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  • In the 773 days to yesterday, Trump has made 9,014 partly or wholly made-up statements according to the Washington Post
  • He’s started lying more and more frequently with each year of his presidency
  • 104 came in one two-hour speech this weekend

You might recall us mentioning last May that Washington Post analysis showed Donald Trump had lied 3,000 times while in office, which felt at the time like a bit of a milestone. Since then, though, he’s really turned on the afterburners and shot for the stars: the Post now says he’s passed 9,000 untruths and fabrications since his inauguration in January 2017.

To be precise, he’s on 9,014 lies in the 773 days up to yesterday, and more than 100 of those came in that rambling two-hour love-in at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbour, Maryland, during which he gave the American flag a big cuddle.

Some big ones included suggestions that switching to wind power would mean that whenever the wind isn’t blowing, there would be no electricity in America, as well as his time-honoured standbys about passing the biggest tax cut in history (wrong), the border wall with Mexico already being built (wrong), and that the American economy is the best it’s ever been (wrong).

The Post also points out that Trump appears to be accelerating the pace of his lying. In his first year as president, Trump told 5.9 lies a day, and in his second that ramped up to 16.5 a day. In his third, he’s averaging a whopping 22 lies a day. The Post‘s Bottomless Pinocchio rating, for lies which are completely distended from the truth but which Trump keeps returning to, was only introduced in December but there are already 20 lies in that category.